Three headshots with different backgrounds

5 different headshot backgrounds

Different backgrounds can help to set the tone and mood of your photo, reinforce your brand and help your headshot stand out from the crowd.

Here are five headshot background ideas – which would you choose?

Plain Backdrop

Male headshot against plain backdrop
Plain white or light grey is the traditional headshot backdrop and usually creates an image with a more corporate feel. Large firms often opt for this as it’s easier to keep a consistent look across all their team headshots.
If you’re looking for a straightforward headshot to use as your profile picture on LinkedIn for example, this will do the job. Those circular profile photos are small and a plain light coloured background will make sure your face stands out.
If you want something a bit more dynamic, go for a plain background but in a different colour. This is a great way to reinforce your brand colours on your website and social media.


Solid or textured walls are a great option if you’re looking for something a little bit more interesting. 
A good brick wall is a classic backdrop and provides colour and texture to your photo. Painted brick also works and is a bit more subtle if you find the right colour.  
Headshot by Bromley photographer
It doesn’t have to be a brick wall though. The neutral grey tone and texture of concrete can bring an urban twist to your photo. Or a solid wall can add a wow factor to your headshot if you find the right tone to complement your branding. 
I’ve taken headshots against painted walls in houses and offices, and exterior walls of buildings. Keep your eyes peeled next time you’re out and about – you may just find the perfect background for your new headshot


Buildings in general can make great headshot backgrounds. Look for architectural features such as columns, doorways or a wide set of steps. 
These features work well if the background is out of focus. This will make sure you stand out and the viewer isn’t distracted by the background. (see the photo at the top left for an example)

Somewhere green

Gardens and parks can make a great backdrop for headshots, especially if you’re not in a corporate or indoor industry.
Natural greenery adds softness to your photos and I often find that people want to use this style of photo on the About Me page on their website, to show a more personal side of themselves.
Just make sure you choose an outfit that contrasts with the greenery and you leave a good distance between you and the background to make sure you really stand out.
Female headshot in garden drinking coffee


Female headshot showing workplace in background
If you want people to get a feel for where you work, then use that space as the backdrop for your headshot. This works better for photos which show more than just head and shoulders, so you can see more of the setting.
The backdrop can tell people in an instant what you do!

And finally…

The term headshots has come to include a range of professional portraits. It is no longer limited to a head and shoulders shot in a studio.
But with all these things, it’s important that where you choose to have your headshots reflects the industry you work in and the impression you would like to put across. 
And of course you don’t have to limit yourself to one headshot. I offer a More Than A Headshot package which gives you a chance to choose different settings and outfits so you come away with a selection of photos to use in different ways.

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