Thank you for visiting my website, and for taking the time to find out more about me!

One thing that really annoys me is rubbish photos – I don’t mean those wonky quick snaps of the kids on your phone (we all have those!). I mean poor quality photos being used to promote businesses, apply for jobs and advertise products.

That’s why I love helping businesses look better, because it makes me happy!

Lots of my clients are small business owners, juggling work with life and family – just like me!

I especially love helping interior designers, stylists and building companies to showcase their wonderful creations and stunning transformations.

I have a small studio for product photography, and work on location in London and the south east for interiors, property photography, headshots and branding.

And finally… I live in Bromley with my partner Russ and our 12 year old daughter. 😀