Scotland by a 6 year old

What happened when I gave my camera to my 6 year old…

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It isn’t half bad!
In my recent article about taking great holiday photos tip #4 was to “give the kids the camera”. Obviously it came with a huge health warning. I definitely wasn’t planning to let my daughter loose with my precious digital SLR! But I did…

I took my own advice and at the top of a gusty mountain in the Cairngorms last week I handed it over, and the photo you see here is the result. OK so I did a bit of editing to get from what she took to this, but not much.

I cropped the image to remove some of the foreground and to position us left of centre. And as an SLR is a pretty heavy piece of kit for little hands, the picture needed straightening. But I’m pretty pleased with the result – and so is she!

If you’re going to do something similar, one word of advice.

My daughter is a couple of feet shorter than us and to avoid being photographed from below (which is rarely flattering), we positioned ourselves on lower ground than her so that we were roughly the same height. You could get your little one to stand on something like a rock or tree trunk… if you want a photo of you looking more worried about the safety of your camera rather than relaxed on holiday!

I can count on one hand the number of photos of the two of us together from the past few years, so this is definitely a keeper. It may even go on the wall!


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